If you had three hours to travel through time, where would you go? what would you do? An amazing idea that comes closer to reality every day. Time travel is not for the faint of heart. It opens doors to new discoveries both in our future and our past; it's not just about going to a place or location, but about the events witnessed, magic experienced, and new realities introduced. With only three hours, I designed what I imagined could take me through time.  

I designed an app that would simplify time travel, boiling an experience down to its most atomic use cases: getting from your current location in the fabric of time to witnessing an amazing event or experience, whether in the past or future, in the shortest amount of time. This means enabling various methods for inputting an interest or destination, abilities to browse and discover events or places that might be of interest, and allowing for a natural, more human way to travel through time. 

Time Travel allows us to experience the natural intersections of our space and time in ways we will only start to begin unfolding. 


When you time travel, you don't always have a destination or time in mind. The mere essence of time travel embodies the nature of discovery. With this in mind, I offered multiple affordances to discover the great events of our future and past, including natural, context-based search methods allowing you to simply type phrases such as "backstage at the last ever Michael Jackson concert" without ever needing to select the time, date, or location to land you on stage, next to Michael, witnessing it all, to using a time continuum carrousel offering a way to browse through the fabric of time, exploring into our future and discovering the monumental events of our past. 

Time travel also begs the question about the explorers interaction with it's ambient environment; does the viewer interact with space in time it's currently in, or do they take a silent seat on the sideline to observe. Would you want to interact with your own parents 40 years ago when they were just children? Would you want to meet our future president in year 2084, or would you want to sit back as an invisible observer as you watch the events of Tiananmen Square unfold before your eyes. To account for the explorers desire or not to interact with the ambient nature, I added an 'active' and 'invisible' mode to allow for the explorer to explicitly set the context of their time travel in order to better tailor their experiences. These modes allow for the user to either be placed in the fabric of time as an active participant in that reality, a full sensory, bi-lateral experience between the explorer and the reality they are exploring. The other mode, invisible, enables a full sensory, unilateral experience, allowing the explorer to fully embrace the experience without impacting or affecting the reality around them, preventing unrealized collateral butterfly effects from occurring, and creating an amazing new way to experience traveling through our time.